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Professional Manufacturer of Thermistor and sensor probe
Shanghai Lingee Tech Group focus on R&D of sensitive Material, Production of sensing elements and sets, providing a better sensing solutions. Main products are NTC thermistor (MEB Epoxy Resin coated thermistor, MG Glass-seale NTC themistor), LTS series sensor probe sets.
On Sept. 22nd 2023, In meeting room of Lingee Institute, Together with all Lingeers, Lucy hold the “Tea party to welcome Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day”. Birthday wishes and Sweetness of birthday cake have been shared among all Lingeers, especially for Birthday boys and girls in this month. An
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On September 2023, in the Songjiang factory site of Shanghai Lingee sensor, a meeting related aftermarket parts supply cooperation was successfully hold between SMP Standard Motor Products and Shanghai Lingee Sensor.SMP is a professional auto spare parts supplier with more than 100 years history. Th
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Temperature sensors have a wide range of applications in the medical industry. One of the most common applications is for measuring body temperature. These sensors are used in medical devices such as thermometers, blood analyzers, and surgical instruments.Other applications of temperature sensors in
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The NTC thermistor is widely used in temperature measurement and control circuits, with its electrical and mechanical properties being better than that of other types of temperature sensors. Therefore, the application of NTC thermistor can greatly improve the precision of temperature measurement and
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