For medical equipment and health monitoring
    With the advancement of science and technology and the refined development of medical applications, medical equipment and other related equipment put forward more requirements for temperature monitoring and control. Medical equipment puts forward higher requirements for equipment power consumption, heating, constant temperature, liquid circulation, and the development and storage of reagents and vaccines.

    Health management and timely online monitoring put forward more precise requirements for the protection of patients and healthy people.

    Shanghai Leading Technology and its partners have jointly developed a series of temperature probes used in medical equipment and health management to further optimize the functions and performance of medical equipment.

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    Consumer Electronics Temperature Sensing Application
    With the development of science and technology, all kinds of consumer electronics emerge in an endless stream, and higher requirements are put forward for the energy consumption and performance of products.

    Shanghai Lingee thermal temperature sensing components and complete packaged temperature probes effectively solve the user's temperature control function requirements. It is at the forefront of the industry in realizing customized product design and rapid production and supply.

    Precision sensing, smart home, comfortable life
    All products are aimed at improving people's quality of life and making life more comfortable and happier. Sensing is the basic architecture to realize smart home, providing the most reliable foundation and data information source for the development of smart upper level.

    Shanghai Lingee temperature sensing components and temperature probes are the indispensable underlying infrastructure of smart home equipment and systems.

    Miniaturization and flexibility
    Smart wearable can be understood as a basic-level sensor integrated device for moving objects.

    Shanghai Lingee temperature sensing components and complete sets effectively solve the requirements of flexibility, compliance, replaceability and various environmental adaptability in smart wear.

    Especially in the health and health of humans, pets, livestock animals, etc., it provides effective temperature sensing components.

    Effective use of energy - the core of energy management
    The processing, transportation, and storage of traditional energy put forward more stringent requirements for temperature and heat management. Lingee temperature sensing components provide the underlying hardware architecture for the refined management of energy, scientific deployment, and storage transfer.

    Electronic products also need to be driven by energy. With the explosive growth of electronic products, the society's energy demand is becoming increasingly tense, and the supply of energy is becoming more and more uneven. The energy consumption and energy management of electronic products themselves are also industry needs that Shanghai Lingee Technology needs to face.

    Energy-driven transportation
    To a certain extent, transportation is the consumption and transfer of energy and materials.

    On the one hand, it is to effectively monitor and control energy consumption during the transfer process to improve the unit energy utilization rate. On the other hand, the energy consumption management of the transportation tool itself is also an important link. The set of temperature sensing components and temperature sensing probes provided by Shanghai Lingee provide users with effective energy monitoring performance.

    Environmental monitoring and protection management need to integrate a large amount of sensor information
    The temperature-sensing components and temperature-sensing probes provided by Lingee help users and society effectively realize the following functions and provide underlying support for human environmental protection.

    Monitoring of environmental data, sample analysis. Among them, the collection of temperature data becomes particularly important.

    Scientific research, instrumentation
    As the main integration platform for sensor signals, instruments and meters are more dependent on basic components. Shanghai Lingji's temperature sensing components and temperature sensing probes are widely used in various instruments and meters to adapt to the temperature and heat monitoring and control of related platforms.
    Thermal and temperature control is a critical factor of smart Agriculture. Lingee temperature sensor control system provide accurate temperature data to support the whole control system.
    With the demands of Agriculture (Planting Industry + Animal Husbandry + Breeding Industry) for refined operation and efficient output, intelligent integration is the fundamental way to realize high-efficiency Agriculture. This also puts forward a more systematic improvement demand for traditional agricultural planting methods.

    Lingee temperature sensing system is the basic requirement for realizing high-efficiency agricultural intelligence. Mainly provide users and system integrators with temperature-sensing probe devices with excellent performance.

    • Seed selection, storage, and seedling cultivation system;
    • Temperature monitoring and control of nutrients such as soil, fertilizer, culture solution, etc.;
    • Custody of crops and livestock;
    • Monitoring and control of the working environment;
    • Monitoring and control of processing, storage and transportation of crops, meat, etc.;
    • Anyone who needs temperature monitoring.

    Industrial automation, intelligence, and integration put forward higher requirements for the precise control of thermal energy.
    Temperature is a very important and most frequently monitored physical variable in industrial systems. Especially with the requirements of intelligentization and integration in the industrial field, higher, faster and more accurate requirements are put forward in terms of precise variables, energy consumption, heat, and environmental monitoring and control.

    Shanghai Lingee Technology takes root in the field of temperature monitoring and control, providing users with accurate temperature control and providing excellent monitoring devices and related supporting components.

    Industrial application design, small batch flexible production, personalized development and customization, etc. fully support user system integration with efficient services and quality products.