Social Responsibility

Shanghai Lingee strictly adheres to the terms of social responsibility statement and makes the following commitments in accordance with SA8000 social responsibility requirements and relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. We are willing to accept the supervision of enterprise employees and relevant functional departments.

1. Laws and regulations
The company strictly complies with all applicable national laws and regulations, industry minimum requirements, International Labour Organization and United Nations conventions, and other higher mandatory requirements.
2. Freedom of association and collective bargaining rights
Subject to meeting local laws and regulations, the company respects the right of all employees to freely form and participate in trade unions and collective bargaining.
3. Discrimination
The company shall not engage in or support discrimination based on race, social class, nationality, religion, physical disability, gender, sexual orientation, union membership, political affiliation, or age in matters related to employment, salary, training opportunities, promotion, dismissal, or retirement.
4. Salary
The company should ensure that the wages paid within a standard working month, meet at least the statutory or industry minimum wage standards and the basic needs of employees, as well as provide some disposable income, and ensure that wages are not deducted for any disciplinary purposes.  
5. Working hours
The company should comply with local laws and industry standards regarding working hours, ensuring that each employee has at least one day off after working continuously for six days, and all overtime work must be voluntary.
6. Workplace and Health and Safety
The company can ensure the provision of safe and hygienic work and living spaces, and ensure that every employee can receive health and safety training.
7. Not hiring child labor
The company shall not hire child laborers under local regulations or those who have not completed the national compulsory education.
8. Prohibition of Forced Labor and Disciplinary Measures
The company shall not force employees to work, nor shall it require employees to pay a "deposit" or deposit their identity documents during employment. The company shall not engage in or support corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal insults.
9. Environmental safety
The company complies with all national and local environmental laws and regulations, strengthens environmental protection, and reduces its impact on the environment.
10. Management system
The company has established and continuously improved a management system to ensure the full implementation of the SA8000 standard, and regularly reviews compliance, making it public to all employees, in order to better meet and exceed the requirements of SA8000 regulations.