Service Assurance
Timely and Efficient, Safe supply
Efficient and Safe Delivery
All core materials and technologies are localized to avoid the risk of supply chain disruption. The production, supply and delivery team can realize flexible production and deliver in small quantities to meet the customized needs of customers. Re-optimizing the design of the production process through the introduction of quick changeover and sensor probe assembly line, realizing the rapid and effective production of products. The production capacity is greatly increased and the production cycle is shortened at the same time. Strictly implementing the prototype review and small-batch production mechanism achieves multi-variety and small-batch production more orderly and efficient.
One-stop Product Service
Besides providing standard temperature-sensing components and temperature-sensing probes, Lingee Sensor also participates in the development and testing of customers' products and accessories. Lingee Sensor provides one-stop product services based on sensor-probe systems. At present, the SKU of temperature sensor components is 2500, which can provide partners with efficient and fast one-stop service, greatly shortening the product development and delivery cycle.
Partner Technical Service Guarantee
Lingee Sensor project service team and technical service team provide partners with technical assessment, development, training, maintenance and other service guarantees throughout the project life cycle, greatly reducing the application risk of partners' projects.
instant service
Leading Sensing is based in Shanghai and provides 7 days*8hrs Chinese and English services. All inquiries will be responded within 1 working day.
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