Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance Capability
Complete Quality Certification System
Based on the IS9001 and ISO14001 management systems, Lingee Sensor constantly implements and optimizes the quality management of site. Lingee Sensor is also constantly introducing other better management systems to guarrantee the quality control of the whole process of product development and design, testing and demonstration, and manufacturing realization.
Personnel Training and Supervision System
The effectiveness of the pre-employment training and on-the-job mentoring in Lingee Academy, ensures that all personnel have been trained with the necessary quality awareness and quality skills before and after their employment, and also ensures that personnel can strictly follow the principles of not accepting, not manufacturing, and not releasing defective products.
Good Production and Testing Equipment
The Production Equipment Engineering Department maintains the equipment in strict accordance with the equipment inspection and maintenance plan, which ensures that the equipment and facilities are working in the best condition. The Technical Experiment and Testing Department has Multi-Temperature Zone High-Accuracy Standard Constant Temperature Oil Bath, High-Low Temperature Aging (HLTA) Equipment, Waterproof Reliability Test Equipment and various testing instruments and meters. Therefore Lingee Sensor has perfect product testing and testing capabilities.
Strict Process Management System
Whether mass-produced products or Research and Development (R&D) Prototypes, are controlled through strict process management documents to ensure that all process conditions can be traced, recorded, and queried.
Good Material Management and Control System
Build a complete material management system based on ERP to trace and query material storage, circulation and so on. As required, Lingee Sensor set a series warehouses, including finished product warehouses, material warehouses, chemical warehouses, hazardous waste warehouses, etc.. Dedicated warehouses are subject to constant temperature and humidity management as required.
Good Environmental Management and Control System (6S)
The whole Lingee Sensor carries out strict 6S management: the signs in the site are clear and concise, and the area division is reasonable to ensure that the site, objects, and environment are all operating in the best condition, realizing the external site beauty and cleanliness, and the internal site efficiency and order.