Environmental Assurance
In order to realize the efficient and sustainable development of the company and the community, Lingee Sensor promises and implements that there is no use, no manufacture, and no discharge of harmful substances. And to improves the environmental friendliness index, Lingee Sensor reduces energy consumption as best as possible.
Materials for Environmental Protection
Lingee Sensor actively replaces non-environmental friendly materials with environmental friendly materials. At present, the environmental friendly materials used in Lingee Sensor factories have accounted for 98% of the total materials used. At the same time, Lingee Sensor requires and assists the upstream and downstream supply chains to increase the proportion of environment friendly materials continuously .
Process of Environmental Protection
At present, there is no generation and discharge of toxic substances in gas, liquid, solid and other states in all production processes. The Technology Engineering Department of Lingee Sensor actively explores new processes to reduce production waste, and implement recycling processes and degradation processes continuously to reduce the generation and discharge of waste gas and waste liquid.
Equipment for Environmental Protection
On the basis of continuous improvement of automation and intelligence, Equipment Engineering Personnel in Lingee Sensor, realized intensive development of equipment, cooperating with equipment suppliers. This greatly reduces the energy consumption of equipment and the generation of waste.
Personnel quality and training
People are the foundation of environmental protection and the important beneficiaries of environmental protection. Lingee Sensor carries out lectures on environmental protection regularly to establish the concept of environmental protection in every member's mind and heart. Everyone in Lingee Sensor conscientiously implements the 6S policy in daily work, reduces energy consumption and eliminates waste. Lingee Sensor realizes environmentally friendly behaviors with the responsibility of each individual.