2023 Munich-Shanghai Electronics Exhibition: Comprehensive Upgrade, Leading Industry Innovation and Development

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       The 2023 Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition will be held from July 11th to 13th at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. The scale of the exhibition is planned to expand to 100000 square meters, with more than 1400 exhibitors, expected to attract 70000 visitors. As a professional exhibition deeply rooted in the electronics industry for many years, the Munich Shanghai Electronics Exhibition is committed to keeping up with industry development every year, planning new exhibition areas and themes for exhibitors, visitors, and electronics industry practitioners,  to create a high-quality, brand new, professional, and international communication platform.


        The exhibition will present the heavy content of numerous themed exhibition areas, catering to the development needs of the electronics industry. The exhibition will feature themed exhibition areas including Semiconductors, Passive Devices, Intelligent Networking and New Energy Vehicles, Sensors, Connectors, Switches, Wiring Harnesses and Cables, Power Supplies, Testing and Measurement, Printed Circuit Boards, Electronic Manufacturing Services, Advanced Manufacturing and more. It will bring together high-quality enterprises in the electronics industry and companies in popular fields, providing a platform for showcasing technological applications and discussing hot topics for the audience. These four zones will be upgraded and presensted, including integrated circuit zone, sensor zone, embedded systems zone, and power devices zone, bringing even more exciting content to the audience.